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A side hustle, for product managers, is a great way to build new skills, make connections, and fulfil your creative drive. For many, a side hustle is a kind of proving ground, and a way to give yourself some extra experience while hunting for your first PM role.

If that’s the case, you need to…

The health, wellness, and fitness industries had been steadily growing before the recent boom. In a time when health issues dominate newsrooms and Facebook feeds, it’s no wonder that these industries have experienced such rapid growth. For example, the global health and wellness industry reached a value of US$3.31bn in 2020. And in eCommerce, the global athleisure market is predicted to reach a value of $517.5bn by 2025 (up from $300bn in 2018).

People are craving products that will help them achieve their ideal healthy lifestyle. It could be a healthy recipe app that helps a diabetic person to manage…

Part of a product manager’s job is to identify the problems of their customers and work with a team to build solutions to those problems.

But what do tech solutions look like for LGBT+ problems?

The LGBT+ population has problems that are nebulous, societal, and institutionalized; not only are they hard to measure (a crucial part of product management), but there’s no app or feature that can single-handedly solve them.

This said, society, tech, and the LGBT+ community will continue to develop in inherently interconnected ways, and there are vast possibilities for the intentional development and integration of tech solutions…

When building digital products, we all want to feel like we’re doing it the right way. And nothing feels more satisfying than feeling like you’ve finally found the perfect framework or methodology that’ll help you do that.

Unfortunately there are so many to choose from! So it’s important to do your research and figure out which ones are worth trying.

You might have heard of the billion dollar company, Spotify. And you might even have heard of their innovative framework for organising teams and scaling products in agile. …

The secret to acing a product management interview isn’t just knowing what questions to expect. It’s getting inside your interviewer’s mind, and understanding why they’re asking you these questions, and what they want to know.

The Most Common Product Management Interview Questions

  1. What do you see as a Product Manager’s main role within product development?
  2. How do you stay user-focused?
  3. What main changes would you make to [our product]?
  4. How do you see your career developing in the next 5 years?
  5. Tell us about a time you used data to influence an important stakeholder.
  6. Tell us about a time you faced failure and how you bounced back.

There’s a whole bunch of Ms going around. MVP, MLP, MVE… It can be hard to keep up.

Today we’re taking a look at MVE — Minimum Viable Experience.

What is Minimum Viable Experience?

In a nutshell, Minimum Viable Experience (MVE) is the minimum 360 experience that your company gives a customer, and includes everything from marketing and customer support, to the product itself.

The benefits of defining and aiming to provide an MVE, is that it keeps your focus right where it should be — on your customers. …

What Is a Wireframe?

A wireframe is a 2D visualization of a digital product, ranging from very basic pencil sketches to fully interactive digital designs.

To say that diversity and inclusion are long overdue conversations in the tech industry is an understatement. Sure, diversity has been a hot button issue with FAANG companies in the last few years, but have we really been talking about it in the right way? Or have the same people been sitting in the same boardrooms, and saying all the things that were said in the last diversity meeting? That’s not progress, that’s ticking diversity off of the to-do list and forgetting about it.

Luckily, things seem to be moving in the right direction, and the credit goes to those…

This is part 3 of our Side Project Series. To get caught up check out parts one and two:

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The Importance of Side Projects in 2021

Starting your own side project is something we’ve touched on in the past, but thanks to the events of 2020, the importance of building something for yourself cannot be overstated. This is for a few reasons…

  1. There’s never been a better time to build digital products. Yes, it’s one of our taglines, but it’s true! As the tech world presses forwards, building…

There are plenty of books about leadership. There are plenty of books about product management. But how many books are there about product leadership?

Petra Wille, independent product leadership consultant and coach, is on a mission to help leaders to up their people-development game. Her new book, Strong Product People, is packed with advice, tips, tricks, and frameworks to help leaders to invest in their teams.

We got to chat with Petra about her views on the product management industry, and we dove deep into the process of writing a first book, and how leaders can help their teams to…

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