AI Is Your Team’s Superpower, Not Their Substitute!

Tips to supercharge your product teams with AI!

I recently had the pleasure of diving deep into a fireside chat with Lane Shackleton, Coda’s Chief Product Officer and we explored the fascinating realm of how AI is shaping the workforce.

One powerful takeaway? AI isn’t here to replace your team, but to supercharge them! Lane’s insights got me thinking: We ought to view AI as our team’s trusty sidekick. Shouldn’t we?

Today I’m going to tell you why I think AI is truly your team’s superpower, not their replacement, and how you can help your teams make the most out of it.

Open the door to limitless possibilities with AI

With innovations like ChatGPT, gone are the days when AI was a distant dream, reserved only for those with deep pockets and deeper tech knowledge. Did you know? ChatGPT exploded onto the scene as the quickest consumer app to hit 100 million users, achieving this feat in a mere two months post-launch!

Yet, with all its amazingness, AI’s massive expansion stirs both excitement and existential trepidation. Leaders across fields have waved a caution flag, urging a reflective pause on unchecked AI growth. They’re concerned, rightly so, about the broader ramifications for humanity’s trajectory.

The million-dollar question we face? How can we harness the might of AI in the corporate world, ensuring it augments rather than erases our human essence? The key might just be in allowing AI to be the wind beneath our team’s wings, rather than replacing those wings altogether.

AI’s role in Product teams

From my vantage point, AI’s allure within product teams isn’t just in its cutting-edge algorithms; it’s the magic it sprinkles by streamlining tasks that previously demanded heaps of time and manpower. The cherry on top? AI holds the promise of supercharging a product team’s innovation and efficiency. Yet, lurking in the shadows is a subtle undercurrent of unease: Will AI eclipse the roles of our cherished product professionals?

When I scout for Product School talent, it’s not merely about skill sets. It’s about discovering individuals who vibe with our culture, are poised for growth, and are passionately in sync with our product vision. So how can we harness AI’s offerings to enhance our product team’s capabilities, mitigate burnout, and ensure our zest for creativity never wanes?

Let me unpack three strategies wherein AI can improve and boost product performance, all while cherishing the team’s human essence:

1. Amplifying product teams with AI-driven insights

Whenever I delve deep into our customer support logs, a pattern tends to emerge: many queries cluster around similar themes or concerns. The recurring nature of these questions, while pivotal, can turn into a monotonous cycle for our product teams. So, why immerse our talented team in repetitive tasks when there’s a dazzling tool like AI ready to be our ally?

Imagine this: AI sieves through the routine questions, leaving your team to dive into the unique, challenging ones. With the mundane queries handled, your product teams can channel their energies into analyzing the underlying causes of these FAQs. This proactive stance means teams are not just firefighting issues, but sculpting the product to organically diminish them.

By intertwining AI’s capabilities with your team’s expertise, you aren’t just addressing customer concerns — you’re crafting a product experience that preemptively addresses them. And that, my friends, is the beauty of letting AI empower, not overshadow, our product teams.

2. Harnessing AI for product development

Personally, I’ve always been intrigued by the cogs and gears of coding. Even as a non-coder, I’ve had instances where a sprinkle of coding knowledge would’ve been a game-changer. There was an instance where our product team wanted to integrate a dynamic feature to enhance user engagement. The challenge? It required a specific algorithm that none of us had readily on hand.

In a conventional scenario, we’d dive into extensive developer discussions or trawl through coding forums for hours. But this time, AI came to our rescue. I simply communicated our need for this intelligent tool, and in no time, it drafted the perfect algorithm for us. Just like that, our product’s capability was amplified, all thanks to a smart and accurate use of AI.

This wasn’t just about bypassing a coding hiccup; it was an epiphany. All of a sudden I realized that AI wasn’t here to rewrite the product narrative but to enrich it, making it accessible to even those of us on the fringes of coding. In this sense, the potential I see for any product team is vast, and I’m invigorated by the boundless horizons AI is opening for us.

Leveraging AI for Precision Data Insights

Finally, another of the marvels of AI is its capacity to perform intricate data analysis with unparalleled speed.

Picture this: rather than having our product teams comb through mounds of data manually, AI can swiftly extrapolate meaningful insights. Once armed with these AI-derived conclusions, I’ve observed a profound shift in our team’s cognitive bandwidth. They’re now free to dive deep into devising strategic solutions informed by this data.

Suppose the data reveals that our users frequently engage in a behavior pattern ‘XYZ’. With this knowledge, our next move becomes clear: adapting our product features to complement this pattern and further enhance user experience.

Basically, while AI lays the groundwork by distilling complex data, it also paves the way for our product specialists to channel their creativity into addressing the core challenges and opportunities. This, in essence, is the synergy of AI and human intellect at its finest.

Closing thoughts

Our explorations into AI at Product School have been nothing short of enlightening. A key insight? AI isn’t here as an adversary or a substitute but as an invaluable ally to propel our teams into realms of unmatched efficiency and creativity.

However, it’s essential to remember that, as the AI narrative unfolds, there isn’t a universally right approach to navigating its emergence. The discourse around AI is intense and constantly changing and adapting. The overarching question for us is not just about embracing this technology, but also about how we can stretch its potential to enhance our teams rather than sideline them.

I invite all of you, my fellow product aficionados, to muse upon this: In an age where AI is becoming a formidable force, how do we use it not as a mere tool, but as a strategic partner to amplify human potential?

For those eager to further explore the juncture of AI and product management, let’s journey together, shaping a future where AI is a collaborative force, championing and complementing our collective human genius.



Carlos Gonzalez de Villaumbrosia

CEO at Product School — Global leader in product management training