Product Managers Answer “What’s Your Dream Job?”

The Companies Product Managers Want to Work For




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The Industries Product Managers Want to Work For in 2020

FashionTech 👗

“A Fashion-Tech company like Farfetch or even a beauty-tech company. I think it would be interesting applying technologies like AI and machine learning to really drive and transform those industries and the user experience.”

EdTech 📚

“I spent a good few years in EdTech and it had the feel good factor other businesses don’t.”

FitTech 👟

My dream company is any company that will help people in sports or fitness.

EnviroTech/GreenTech 🌿

“Eco-focused, small to mid size companies. So I can feel like I’m making a positive change. Environmental, local food, etc…”

Product Managers Want to Work at Startups

Product Managers Are Mission-Driven

“A company where I actually listen to users to solve their problems instead of building a feature for the first priority to monetise.”

Product Managers Want to Build Something Themselves



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